Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why do mst men drink? by Lawrence Pedarse Cabaluna

Why do most men drink?

Since then, I can find no good reason why a lot of people love to drink alcohol. Despite its bitter taste, confusing varieties and obscure side effects, a lot of people are still into this stuff. I despised these people and swear that I would not become on of them. Driven by curiosity, I was eager to find the answer why a lot of people love to drink. And as I had observed through the years, I have haw narrowed down to the basic question, why majority of people who drink are men? Now, I became one of the people I had despised long ago. But I don’t hate myself for that, for I have found the reasons that I want to share to you based on my experience on why do men drink?

There are 3 main reasons I can give to you on why men drink. Men drink because of emotion, socialization and profession. It is common to men not to easily and totally express their feelings or emotions. Not to generalize but mostly men are like this. Culturally speaking, it is odd to see a man cry. They tend to hide their feelings not only for they want to look strong but for many personal reasons that I think a man already understand. Emotion is one of the reasons why men drink. Due to its nature, a man needs a means to express their concealed feelings, and sometimes alcohol is one of those who do the job.

Socialization and profession can be related to each other. If mingling with people is part of your profession then I suggest that at least you know how to drink. I remember an Engineer who is friend of mine once told me that drinking is part of your profession. I am uncertain if he’s serious or not but for me he has a point. He told me that being engineer or other profession doesn’t limit your work in one place or some laboratories. Negotiations, deals, and discussion are sometimes made out of office. Work sometimes could be at a cafĂ©, a restaurant or even at a bar. You’ll encounter different kinds of people to whom you must indulge with. The point is it’s an advantage to know how to drink for you to be able to mingle with people who are into this. This is sometimes required for you to have conversation with them. Just as what my friend added, “alangan man lang magtagay mo ug gatas”. Men sense of socialization differs from women; we have a different way of interacting with people.
Everything has its equal side. For what we have known to be a vice is not actually that negative. For my experience had taught me that things are made for a reason, to drink for a cause is what drinking really means, keeping in mind that to drink is different from being drunk. Engineering classmates, someday we will become engineers; let us drink today for our futu

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting started...

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